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Susy Blue 1-2 preview


We began this set shooting in a room lit with superb natural light. We asked Susy to lift her top and show us her breasts. Because it’s porn you can ask a beautiful young women you’ve just met to do things like that and she doesn’t slap you, and she does what you ask. And when she did, we exclaimed, like the Big Bad Wolf, “My! What fantastic breasts you have, my dear.” “Yes, I know”, she said. And she laughed. And we laughed too, because she really does have wonderful breasts. And she really meant that she knew that she does. And we like that. But, of course, we really wanted to spend time looking at her pussy. And after she had lifted her skirt to let us see, we said, “Let’s go to the bedroom.” We took the cameras. There the light was much harder and directional, but there was a bed and we had sex.

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Kasey 2-2 preview


This set of pictures of Kasey was inspired by an earlier set we did of Alice. A naked girl lying on a bed, her body barely covered with a silky pink shawl. The photographer kneeling on the bed over her, prompting her poses.

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Carly Rae 1-2 preview


The weather was suffocatingly humid the day we shot Carly Rae for this set. The aircon didn’t work, or didn’t make a difference, so we adopted the balcony as changing room. Carly produced this turquoise mini skirt and a tiny bandeau top that was clearly designed for more modest busts than Carly’s.

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Rachel 1-2 preview


This set of Rachel was shot quite a while ago now. We posted a set of her and a video clip over three years ago, though in fact this shoot was done a few years before the website existed. It was shot simultaneously with a video clip which covers essentially the same scene. Though Rachel stopped shooting porn all those years ago she still has a following of devoted fans who continue to look out for content featuring her. One of her fans got in touch with Arvod asking if we had any more of her, and that prompted us to search back in the archives for this set.

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Susy Blue 1-1 preview


Susy is a student from Madrid. Like many students she needed to do some part time work to help maintain herself as she studies. This is how she became an actriz porno in Spain. But there is only so much porn work in Spain, so recently she has been visiting other European countries in search of porn assignments.

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Anna J 1-1 preview


The West End of London, very late on a still, dry, night in March. A party in the penthouse suite of chic hotel. It was the ‘after party’ following a screening of a documentary about the porn industry in 1970’s England. Outside on the roof terrace a circle of smokers. Above the hum of conversation, a woman’s voice rang out in a peel of laughter. Without warning the darkness was rent by a string of rapid flashes of light. It came from the left. A raised area under one of those huge umbrella like awnings. Past a scrum of men raising mobile phone screens in the air, a couple of papparazzi types were pointing cameras at a naked girl with bright orange hair in the hot tub that the raised platform had been built to accommodate. One was giving her elaborate posing directions; telling her to move her right arm a bit this way or that or something. One of the mobile phone guys, who had a better understanding of directing, shouted, “Just spread your legs, darling!” And she did. Bursts of camera shutters and strobing flash ensued like automatic gunfire.

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Mollee 1-2 preview


Mollee was new to modeling but keen to shoot hardcore porn. Models entering the porn scene tend to start with so-called soft porn – simple nudity. But Mollee was certain, she wanted to shoot sex. So we did a blow job.

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Susy Blue Clip 1-1 preview


Around three years ago, the then 20 year old student, Susy was hanging out with a friend discussing what they could do to raise a little cash. ‘Oh’ , he said. ‘You could do porn.’ She hadn’t considered this before, but within a few weeks she had shot a bukkake scene for an infamous Spanish producer. Next she was filmed being led naked through the streets of Madrid on a leash, then taken into a bar/restaurant where she was fucked in front of a crowd of the customers in the bar who just happened to be there. Soon she was performing live sex in front of stadium audiences at erotic festival events.

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Charlie 1-3 preview


Half way through this shoot Charlie had a cigarette break. Actually, she said that she had a bunch of fans who were into ‘smoking fetishism’ who would get off on seeing her exhaling tobacco smoke. Unlikely as it seems “capnolagnia”, as the Ancient Romans called it, is a thing. As she lay back and sparked up, we asked her to spread her legs. Thus we could capture the lewd cigarette play, if that’s your thing. While simultaneously getting an eye full of pussy, which we confess is more our thing.

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Kasey 2-1 preview


We don’t usually have any particular plan for these photoshoots. We just ask the model to take off her clothes, and let the shoot progress from there. Kasey has a delicious body, mercifully devoid of tattoos. She wasn’t wearing too much to start with and soon she was totally naked. She is quite relaxed at being looked at – watched while she masturbates. We shot lots of stills before giving her a vibrator. Then we left the room to let her continue without being watched. But we’d set up a video camera first to film her while we weren’t there. We’ll put up a movie of how she got on in due course

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Leanne Clip 3-1 preview


You’re probably familiar with the porn interview. A young woman is asked her name followed by a few banal questions before she takes off her clothes and shags the interviewer. It’s more difficult to do than you might imagine. Well that’s not strictly true; it’s just difficult to do with a straight face. Leanne sat down on the kitchen stool, the camera rolled, and this is how it went….

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Charlie 1-1 preview


This was our very first shoot with young Charlie Ten. It was a cold, bright, Winter’s day. She came in. We made her a cup of tea and chatted for a moment. Then we asked her to just stand there; over there by the window, while we set up the camera.

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Lola Rae Clip 1-1 preview


Lola Rae doesn’t like four letter words. She isn’t even keen on five letter words like, for instance, ‘pussy’. ” Who ever thought of that?” she said. “To relate a vagina to a cat? What came first, the pussy or the cat?”

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leanne 3-1 preview


Leanne is our favorite milf of the moment. After her first shoot with her we asked if she would come back and fuck. She agreed, so we sat her down on the kitchen stool and asked her to spread her legs.

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Leanne Clip 1-1 preview


Masturbation is generally a solitary activity. When people spend a little quality time with themselves they want to be confident that they won’t be disturbed. Then, of course, they fantasise about being with other people – fucking them. Being fucked. It seems like a conundrum until you appreciate that when you fantasise you control how things turn out. Whereas when you’re with other people they might have their own opinions.

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Samantha Clip 1-1 preview


Samantha has an easy style in front of the camera. Some people just clam up or stutter when they realise they are being filmed, but Sam is just herself which made making this movie very easy and a lot of fun. There’s probably a bit of an exhibitionist side to most people, but for Sam it’s not buried very deep and it shows. She loves showing off her perfect breasts, her pussy, and being spunked on. It was a very hot afternoon so we shot it next to an open window. So there is a certain amount of ambient noise from outside on the sound track but it doesn’t detract from the immediacy of Samantha inviting the camera operator to feel her breasts, look at, finger, and lick her pussy. The film ends with Sam giving him a blowjob.

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Cherry 2-2 preview


The point of pornography, and indeed allmost all photo image making, is to invite the viewer to imagine that they were there. Or rather that they are there. In the picture. In the present. There is no past tense in photography. In the case of camera imagery this doesn’t require much effort. The viewer sees what the camera saw. And though, in truth, a camera sees nothing, and merely blindly records what is before it, the conceit of the photograph is that this is what the camera operator saw. The viewer vicariously sees as the photographer does, in a never ending present of a frozen instant in time.

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Darcy 1-2 preview


Sometimes it’s hard to find where one set ends and another one begins. This set more or less flows from the previous one of Darcy as we got up close and intimate with her gorgeous pussy. It ended with a blowjob and an unfortunate failure of marksmanship when a gob of jizz missed her mouth and hit her eye.

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Darcy 1-1 preview


One of the reasons we wanted to shoot Darcy is that she has a lovely bum. What makes a bum lovely is difficult to say. Of course all sorts of bums are lovely in all sorts of different ways. Nontheless it is undeniable that Darcy’s is lovely, maybe because of its proportions or its plumpness

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Leanne 1-1 preview


Leanne had always wanted to try porn modelling. “I’ve thought and fantasised about this for so long”, she blushes. “I should have done it earlier, I think I’m getting a bit old for it now. I’m 30.” “Not at all”, we reassurred her, “you’ve got a 20 year career ahead of you as a MILF. (mom I’d like to fuck). Then you can be a GILF (granny I’d like to fuck) for a further 30 years. What’s more you’ve missed the fallow period between 24 and 30 when you were too old to be a teen and too young to be a MILF.”

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Samantha 1-1 preview


We had wanted to arrange a shoot with Samantha for a long time after we saw some shots of her online. And eventually we did. You can tell that there is something really very sexy about Samantha just by looking at a still picture. Any picture of her. It doesn’t necessarily have to be her naked thrusting her pussy in your face. That is just where imagination inevitably leads, because that is what is implicit in desire. It is our job in these sequences of stills to make explicit that which is always implicit.

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Kasey 1-1 preview


It was such a hot afternoon when Kasey turned up for this shoot. Once she was settled on the kitchen stool sipping a cold drink, we asked her whether she was wearing panties. She smirked at the directnes of our question and spread her legs to reveal a lacey thong.

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Kasey Clip 1-1 preview


Kasey has been modelling for a year or so. Initially she modelled lingerie, but for the last few months has added a style she calls “pov”. She says it like the first syllable of “poverty”, to rhyme with “of”. At first we didn’t understand her. Then we got it …she meant POV, the acronym for “point of view”. Meaning she models sex acts shot from the POV of a male partner. We liked the idea of that so we booked her for a shoot.

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Mollee 1-1 preview


Mollee is a country girl, used to early mornings wielding a broom and shovel in the stock yard. So one day she decided she’d maybe have a try at being a porn model instead. And thus she came to do this shoot for us.

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Anya 1-2 preview


We usually try to keep our shoots pretty disciplined. There’s a lot of technical considerations: exposure, focus, lighting, framing. The real trick in photography is to control appearance. It’s what is shown that conveys meaning, not what the photographer knows, not what is happening objectively, but what the viewer can see. But Anya had had a bit to drink. Actually a bit too much. Sure she was turned on by being photographed, but she was past reasoning with about how we needed to control the shoot. She just wanted to fuck. Now!

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Lola Marie 1-1 preview


It was a private screening in the basement cinema of a bijou hotel in London’s West End. A series of documentary shorts about porn in Britain, in the 70s,80s and 90s when pornography production was an illicit activity punished with prison sentences, and very lucrative. Suddenly a figure was leaning forward in the dark whispering, “Excuse me”. Pulling in legs, the late-comer squeezed past and sat in the seat beside us. When the lights went up we were sitting next to a strikingly beautiful young woman. Hello, she said. I’m Lola Marie. A month or two later Lola visited us to shoot this set.

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Steph 1-3 preview


We said to Steph, ‘Show us yours and we’ll show you ours’. She jumped up on the kitchen counter. Lifted her dress and showed her pussy. We took pictures from a number of angles and then we did a little sex.

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Cat 1-3 preview


We had a lot of fun shooting Catalia. It’s evident in the pictures.

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Cat 1-2 preview


Catalia Valentin spends a disproportionate amount on lingerie. She brought many delightful confections of silk, bows and frills. She put them on, and we helped her take them off. Then, rumaging around further inside her bag, she produced a silicone, realistic, suction cup cock.

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Lola Rae 1-4 preview


This gallery takes off from more or less where the last one finished. Sex with Lola.

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Lola Rae 1-3 preview


Lola Rae let her black silky robe fall open as she lay back on the bed. Her breasts uncovered, she looks back up at the camera that looks at her. She is being observed. But hers is not a purely passive state. She is presenting herself to the observer. She is an active participant in this scrutiny. Sight is an extension of touch. We reach down and touch her breast.

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Charlie Clip 1-1 preview


It was Charlie’s idea to masturbate with the Wand vibrator. She said she could make herself cum. So we put the camera on a tripod and allowed her to watch herself in a monitor. Then we left her to it.

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Charlie 2-1 preview


Charlie asked us to fix up a shoot with her and Aussie porn actor Stirling Cooper. So we did. They had met previously on a shoot elsewhere. They had discovered that they liked each other and that there was a real sexual chemistry between them. There are some things you cannot fake.

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Cherry 2-1 preview


This was Cherry’s second shoot for Arvod. It was a video shoot, but we began with this stills set. She wore a ‘babydoll’, an item of nightwear not designed to sleep in, but rather to have sex in. Like a chemise or a negligee, only shorter. Lacey or sheer, covering the breasts only enough to prompt uncovering them. You might think that this kind of lingerie was outdated and the market for such fashion diminishingly small. But actually sales of the babydoll are booming.

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Cherry Clip 1-1 preview


This movie was shot simultaneously with Cherry’s first still set. It’s more or less exactly as the shoot happened.

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Jessica Jensen Clip 1 Preview


This video of English porn star, Jessica Jensen, was made by Shardick. He calls it an “interview sandwich” Before your imagination runs away with you trying to figure out what an interview sandwich with a porn star is, we’ll explain. It’s where he conducts an interview with the young lady before he shags her, and resumes the questioning after they’ve barely caught their breath.Having sex with another person is a fast track way of getting to know them intimately – gaining an insight into their personality. At least, so long as you’re paying attention and doing it right.

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Cherry 1-1 preview


This is Cherry English. English by name. English by nationality. Ripe as a cherry. She is just 22 but sometimes likes to play act being much younger. After graduating from art school she is now pursuing a career as a call girl inspired by Balthus, the Franco-Polish surrealist painter. Cherry likes dressing in stylised little girl costumes, but we asked her to also wear a pair of stockings with no panties, because that’s what we like.

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Pixiee 1-2 preview


“I just like to be fucked”, Pixiee said unprompted. She didn’t say, “I like to fuck”. It’s true that she might have done, and it wouldn’t have sounded that strained or unusual. But she used the passive tense instead. We aren’t picking Pixiee up here on her grammar, nor are we suggesting that she is particularly submissive. In fact there’s definitely nothing unassertive about Pixiee. No, we think that Pixiee is grammatically correct about this. The verb, to fuck, takes an object. It’s a transitive verb. To fuck is the act of inserting a penis into a vagina, so it must inevitably follow that it is an act done by a man to a woman. That doesn’t mean, of course, that the man is necessarily the primary instigator of the act, just that it cannot take place without his active participation. He has to do it to her. Men fuck, and women are fucked.

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Cat Clip 1 preview


So you want to get into porn? First thing to do, of course, is think up a porn name. As everyone knows the usual formula is to use your mother’s maiden name and the name of your first pet. However some young women take a more imaginative approach and adopt a moniker that is utterly unpronounceable. So it is with Cat who chose the name, Catalia. Speak it with the stress on the first syllable. Or maybe the second syllable. We’re not sure. At Arvod, we assumed that this had something to do with cats. Pussy cats. Well pussy anyway. S’ovious init.

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Carly Rae 1-1 preview


Such a good looking girl. Carly Rae. Blessed with that classic English kind of beauty. Of course she has been busy trying to subvert the look she was born with, by additions of her own. Tattoos, piercings and the like. Some sort of statement about her identity. A fashion statement. She’s saying, I’m this kind of person. I belong to this tribe. Everyone does as much all the time, because nearly everything we wear or use has a style value beyond its mere utility. How we style and cut our hair is a good example. And not only the hair on our heads. For a woman, her bush or lack of one is a fashion statement.

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Carly Rae 1-3 preview


Carly Rae began her porn career while studying fashion design at University in Manchester, England. Many people involved in porn production try to keep their personal life and their porn life totally separate. It’s not a respectable career, and those who affect respectability often react badly if they discover that someone they know is a porn actor. At first Carly didn’t tell her parents what she was up to, but they found out when some wretched creep took it upon himself to send her father a porn movie she had starred in. He told her dad that she was disgusting, although he didn’t explain quite how he came to be watching porn in the first place if he thought it was so offensive. The obvious answer is of course is that respectability is the inevitable bedfellow of hypocrisy and wickedness.

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Cat 1-1 preview


Cat is a storm force 8 breath of fresh air. We had so much fun with Cat on this shoot. Such a quick-witted funny girl, and lovely with it ….. we helped her out of her clothes, but allowed her to keep on her fancy red bra.

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Lola Rae 1-2 preview


We asked Lola to hike up her skirt to show us her nickers. But she wasn’t wearing any, so we saw her pussy instead. Actually that’s what we really wanted to see anyway. A man is hard-wired to be fascinated by the sight of a women’s genitals. It doesn’t matter how many pussies he’s seen, he can never see enough. Though in essence every one is more or less similar, the sight of a woman’s pussy for the first time is as arousing as the first sight of one ever. We suspect that it is the same for women and the sight of penises, except that the woman’s response is culturally suppressed. Or, at least, women do not generally express their interest as simply as men tend to.

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Rebecca 1-2 preview


We moved around the location as we shot Rebecca in this little black dress; shooting fluidly, getting her to lift the hem or pop her breasts out. We started with her coming in through the conservatory, then in the bedroom against a wall, then on the bed. We thought at first that it would make one long set, but in the edit we decided that because the bed shots were significantly different in style they made a set all of their own. So this set follows into Rebecca 1-3.

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Rebecca 1-3 Preview


This set follows on from Rebecca 1-2. But here we shot more deliberately with limited depth of field. Using the focus to select different parts of Rebecca’s body. They used available light mixed with a couple of tungsten heads.

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Alice 2-4 preview


As an item of clothing the bikini has zero utility. Its purpose is to decoratively promote the notion of sexual modesty while simultaneously leaving the wearer as good as naked. Its purpose is to promote ‘nudity’ — nakedness as a form of dress. To advertise sex. We particularly like the popular side-tie style of bikini bottoms. The message of this style is the visible sign that with one tug on the bow tie the bottoms would fall off. And so we asked the utterly beautiful Alice to wear this yellow bikini.

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Satine Clips 2-2 preview


Brief interviews with the starlet before getting down to the nitty gritty are a common trope in porn. It’s an obvious device to give the character some substance without spending too much time on it. Such interviews invariably consists of the most obvious questions: name? age? bra size?? And then what?

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Jassy 1-1 preview


Jassy comes from the Phillipines but lives in England, where she has had some success as a nude model. She happily spread her legs and spread her lovely cute pussy for us.

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Jess 1-2 preview


Jess was the very first gallery on Arvod. We have posted four short video clips of her since. Today we are very pleased to publish this second gallery of her.

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Liz 1-1 preview


“Do you want to fuck me now?”, Liz asked with a laugh. So they got down to it without bothering with the usual preliminary images.

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Alice 2-3 preview


We passed Alice a red silk bag and asked her to open it. She was aghast as she withdrew the heavy realistic silicone penis it contained. She laughed and protested that it was much too large to fit in her tight vagina. But after a little hesitancy she found that it did.

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Tomoko 3-3 continued preview


This set continues Tomoko on the kitchen worktop we posted in March. We left Tomoko spreading her legs and given us lots of close-up views of her lovely pussy. We asked her to pose inserting a dildo. She took her pink vibrator, and without inhibition, used it to masturbate in front of us. It was as though we weren’t watching. She removed herself to a private place and within a few minutes she achieved orgasm, squirting pussy juice (or whatever it is women squirt) over the photographer and his camera and making a sticky wet pool on the floor.

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Satine Clip 1-2 preview


Whatever intimacies might be shared by couples during sex, pornography is slightly different. Shooting a pornographic video is inevitably at least a threesome. Even when, as here, it’s shot without a film crew; there’s the two of them and then there’s the camera. Satine unprompted provides a kind of commentary of dirty talk. She tells the camera she wants you to empty your balls and give her a spunk load in her juicy pussy. She simultaneously engages in the sex and sees herself doing it and tells the spectator what is happening and what she wants.

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Steph 1-2 preview


Steph poses for the camera, her long legs akimbo. The camera clicks and the photographer murmurs his approval as she strokes her sex with a buzzing pink plastic penis. He moves in close and she reaches out to take his cock. You can see this set being shot in the video of our previous post, Steph Clip 1 preview.

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Steph Clip 1 preview


The photographer clicks away as Steph masturbates with a vibrator. It isn’t necessary to actually depict the sexual act between two people to make pornography. Showing a solitary sexual act is enough. You don’t actually need even that. It is enough to show nakedness and leave the viewer to imaginatively supply the sex. Perhaps as much can be achieved without the nakedness, although that would generally fall outside the definition of pornography. Pornography is pornography because it shows or implies sex.

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Tomoko 3-3 preview


The few independent porn web sites that have survived the evisceration of the Internet by global capital have developed a common structure. The common structure is a single narrative event that is repeated with each different featured model. Typically a girl is quizzed as to her name, age, and a few inconsequential details about her private life, followed by a set menu of sexual acts ending with a disembodied penis ejaculating over her face. Often there are common stylistic details that tie these episodes. The location or scenario: the casting couch, the hitch-hiker, the taxi, the school room. Here at Arvod we planned to be more varied but despite ourselves we are developing themes

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Steph 1-1 preview


She lies more or less on her back but with her hips turned. Her buttocks to the camera, she lifts one leg to better reveal her sex. She stretches and turns again, spreading her long legs. She wants the viewer to look at her pussy.

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Vanessa Clip 1 preview


A little while back we published a post in the news section entitled, “Behind the Scenes”. It was about digital image processing and retouching and not about sex with the models who pose for Arvod. If anyone was disappointed by that, this video may go some way to make up for it. This is about having sex with Vanessa. The puritans and the censorious disparage pornography in part because in their view it portrays an unrealistic view of sex. Sex in the real world is different, they say. They are right up to a point. But not to the point they try to make.

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Vanessa 1-1 preview


Vanessa is from Italy. She had never done anything like pose for naked photos before. We asked whether she would be interested in doing some. “Why not?”, she said, just like that. She wasn’t sure what to wear at first. She was wearing leggings but then thought a denim mini skirt might be better. After we thought about it for a moment more, we thought totally naked was better. We helped her out of her clothes.

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Lola Rae 1-1 Preview


It was a crisp cold bright morning as Lola Rae made her way to the Arvod photoshoot. The frost shone on every roof and road in the hard morning light. We stamped our feet in the cold. Indoors we turned the heating up. The bright sun projected the blinds as a grid across the walls and floors. The hot lights were snapped on. Blue CT gels smoked and crackled in the intense heat. Soon the place was humming. Lola stood in front of the lens and stripped off. Underneath she wore a simple soft lacy bra and matching panties.

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Satine Clips 2-1 solo & bj Preview


At last, Arvod is able to publish some new content not produced in house. It was our ambition from the beginning to get to be able to publish otherwise unseen material of models or themes that interest us or turn us on. Film maker Shardick shot these clips of one of our favourite models, Satine Spark. He said, it’s part of a larger production and suggested there may be more explicit clips from this shoot in the offing. Maybe we jumped the gun by posting the solo clip as soon as we received it, because a couple of days later he sent us a second clip of Satine demonstrating her blow job technique. So, in order to get this online quickly, we decided to update the original post and put both clips on the same page. He said “Satine and I had so much fun on this shoot”. Now we see what he meant.

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Alice 2-2 preview


Alice is such a stunning girl. Look at these images and suspend your disbelief. Forget they’re just images. When the subject of any photograph is as heart-achingly beautiful as Alice, it is easy to allow the illusion to overwhelm you. Imagine you are inside the picture. Part of the pixels. So close to Alice you can smell her warmth.

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Satine 1-3 continued preview


This is the continuation of Satine 1-3. We’ve uploaded it as a separate gallery, though maybe in due course we’ll amalgamate the two halves. Right now we’re a little distracted by the site redevelopment.

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Satine 1-3 preview


It was the photographer’s fault.  He asked Satine to put on this little printed cotton summer dress.  He then took a lot of frames of her with it on, when of course the thing we expected to see was Satine…

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Kaitlyn 1-3 preview


She was naked but for a pair of black hold-ups, black shoes and a sheer blue scarf to wrap around herself, as we began to shoot this set.  There’s something especially sexy about being next to a beautiful warm woman…

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Kaitlyn 1-1 preview


This was the first set we shot of Kaitlyn. And surprisingly, it was also the very first time she had ever used a battery powered vibrator. She was perfectly happy to let us photograph her trying one out. We shot these stills in between shooting a video clip, which we’ll post soon.

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Tomoko 1-2 preview


Tomoko put on this super sexy lingerie and stunning stockings for this set. This left us a little torn because though we were happy to watch her move around in her exquisite underwear, we really wanted to look at her nakedness. We commented on her pretty panties which had an unusual laced-up effect. We asked her to pull the gusset to one side. Her pussy glistened. A shiny drop of wetness seeping from between her lips.

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Jess Clip 4 preview


We arranged to shoot a hardcore stills solo shoot with Jess followed by a short blow job scene. But when it came to it she had decided that she really wanted to shoot a fucking scene. Well these shoots aren’t quite as haphazardly shot as they might appear. Lots of arrangements have to be made first. So after a brief discussion, as Jess and our photographer got better acquainted on the couch, they agreed to postpone that to another day.

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Satine 1-2 preview


Satine likes giving blowjobs. She has had a lot of practice and is extremely skillful. However, in many ways it isn’t merely a matter of technique that makes fallatio with Satine so special. It’s the the smile, the giggle the look of mischief. It’s those astonishing blue blue eyes fixing yours as her tongue teases and her lips guzzle and nuzzle and suck.

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Lottie 1-1 preview


It has to be said that Lottie has a fabulous figure.  Perhaps you’re thinking she has lucky genes?  She simply inherited her physique?  Well perhaps, but she certainly works hard to keep her body in such excellent shape.  Long hours in the gym, working the exercise machines.  She is very organised, focussed, down-to-earth, and successful as a model.
…..Photographs (or digital images) of persons are facile and empty unless there is a real and visible engagement with the subject.  The photographer stands in the viewer’s place to interact with the subject.  For her to come alive.  To not be a mere object.  In this set of pictures of Lottie we were as amused as Lottie appeared to be by her encounter with Arvod.  Lottie’s expressions are richer and more eloquent than any words.

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Pixiee 1-3 preview


This set was shot right at the end of arvod’s day with Pixiee. All the gear was being packed up and everyone had repaired downstairs for a cup of tea. The photographer took Pixiee off into the kitchen ostensibly to do her id shot. Every model is photographed holding up her id documents to verify her identity for our formal records. Well this was shortly accomplished, but while they were on their own the photographer persuaded Pixiee to pose on the kitchen work top. Before long she had shed all her clothes. The shoot was progressing in a decidedly steamy direction, when all too soon they were interrupted by someone coming to find Pixiee. Her taxi had arrived. And then she was gone.

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Alice 2-5 preview


We shot this set of of Alice by available light. The light was failing and we were forced to shoot at a high iso and low shutter speed, lens wide open. These technical limitations create an interesting effect in themselves. Image noise like film grain. Subject movement and limited focus depth. Often imaging effects lead to a distancing of the subject matter, but strangely here they are in keeping with the intimacy of the moment. A short set. Really just an afterthought. Alice completely naked but for a silky shawl.

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Axa 1-1 preview


Axa Jay is a British porn star and wrestler. That’s what she said. We cannot pretend to know anything much about the world of wrestling. If we thought about wrestling at all, we probably imagined a brightly lit boxing ring in a vast hall. Two burly tattooed men in trunks grappling with each other, grunting and sweating. The audience screaming and hollering encouragement. Maybe between rounds sexy young women in swimming costumes shimmying around the ring holding up large placards with the number of the forthcoming round displayed for the numerically challenged. Perhaps Axa is one of these Ring Girls? But no, she’s a fighter. She must be good because she isn’t scarred or bruised. Her nose is straight and there’s nothing cauliflower about her ears. Even her nails are manicured and freshly painted. Maybe we’ve got this all wrong. Or maybe it’s a different kind of wrestling.

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Jessica Lo 1-2 preview


These shots were taken just after Jessica Lo had returned from an expensive and painful trip to a Belgian clinic with a pair of breasts the size of a small house extension. We joked that they were probably big enough for her to be able to suck her own nipples. “Well, I can lick ’em”, she says with a wink, and proceeds to demonstrate.

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Alice 2-1 preview


This was Alice’s second shoot for “Where are all the lights?” She was surprised. When we shot her first, we had photographed her with flash. But his time we wanted to shoot by available light. It’s a question of mood. Shooting without all the paraphenalia of flash photography can allow for a more intimate feel to the results. Also the technical limitations created by not having an abundance of light, and the difficulty of working with what little there is, can lead to interesting results.

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Pixiee 1-1 preview


Pixiee is a relative newcomer to porn modelling. She really relishes the role which she takes seriously and strives to be professional. For this shoot we recruited a second photographer to help capture all the angles, and because we thought the idea of making the photographer explicit as voyeur was interesting. It’s an old idea that is familiar from popular themes in the tradition of European Oil Painting. We also wanted an emphasis on the photographer touching the model.

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D H Lawrence – “Pornography and Obscenity”


In 1929, nearly 90 years ago now, Faber and Faber commissioned D H Lawrence to write an essay on indecency for its Criterion Miscellany series. Lawrence had had a bad year at the hands of puritanical authority. In January a parcel of his typescripts sent to his London agent was intercepted in the post by the British police. In July an exhibition of Lawrence’s paintings at the Warren Gallery was raided by the police and closed down. Unknown to Lawrence, Faber simultaneously also commissioned British Home Secretary, Joynson Hicks, to write for the same series advocating literary censorship. Jix, as Lawrence contemptuously called Joynson Hicks, had personally taken it upon himself to persecute Lawrence.

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Tomoko 3-4 preview


It’s a bright warm afternoon. The closed blinds project small beams of sunlight onto the crumpled white linen of the bed. Tomoko lies on her back, her eyes closed, head thrown back, mouth open, she clutches her breast, her hips buck, her vagina pulses open and closed, the labia plump up, the clitoris is erect in its hood, fluid runs out of her vagina and squirts in little bursts, rivulets of her cum glisten on her inner thighs. Tomoko brings herself to an orgasm. Though we cannot hear her moan, nor see her body convulse, we can see she isn’t feigning. Perhaps we can even feel her body shudder more vividly than if we could see her move or hear her moan. Because that is the power of the still image.

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Olivia 1-1 preview


At first we were unsure how to shoot Olivia. We tried some portraits with her big tits on display. We chatted about stuff. Using a little intuition we wondered whether she might respond to trying some play bondage gear we had in the props cupboard. We suspect that the current vogue for kink, BDSM, is that it mitigates responsibility for transgressing sexual mores.  If you’re tied up and helpless, you aren’t responsible for posing naked or for what might occur when you are exposed and vulnerable.  She readily agreed to being blindfold. She happily allowed us to buckle the cuffs.

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Satine Clip 1-1 preview


Satine is a nice girl. Yes, anyone with eyes can see that she’s nice. But what we mean is, she’s a nice girl in the sense that she’s a polite, middle class, nicely-spoken young woman. The kind of girl it might have been said of in the past that a young man might bring home to meet his mother. She isn’t covered in tattoos, she doesn’t have a ring through her nose, she doesn’t speak in incomprehensible estuary argot …innit. She’s quintessentially an English Rose. So perhaps, at first blush, her astonishing ability at talking dirty comes as a bit of a surprise. On reflection, perhaps, this is the true attraction of the English Rose. Demure in polite company and a nymphomaniac in private. Here is 15 minutes of Satine urging you to masturbate over her …

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Candi Clip 1 preview


Candi lies back on the couch, legs spread. The photographer is down on his knees between her limbs. The big glass of the wide angle lens is inches from Candi’s cunt. Looking into the lens she reaches down and pulls the lips apart. click – click – She puts her left hand to her mouth and smears saliva on two fingers then pushes them hard into her vagina. click – click

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Candi 1-1 preview


Candi is a clever woman. She has a string of degrees and a doctorate in some area of science so complicated we cannot begin to understand what it might be about, even. But beyond that, she has a bluff no-nonsense approach to the world that is the opposite of what you might expect from a porn model. She’s not the stereotypical pink, fluffy air-head type at all.

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Tomoko 2-2 preview


When it’s hot and humid Tomoko likes to dress in thin cotton summer dresses. Whilst other people are sweating, trussed up in tight-fitting uniforms and day clothes, she is happy to be naked but for a couple of ounces of fabric. And, as she explains, this simple look is perfectly demure. But without nickers or bra, she relishes the frisson knowing that a slight gust of wind or a sudden movement could cause the short dress to rise and expose her pussy. She moves about, picking up the hem to demonstrate. Then sits on the floor spreading her legs. Her pleasure at being seen is plain. Her pussy already brimming with creaminess.

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Polly 1-2 preview


Polly wears a vest top and a thong. She removes them slowly. Teasing us by giving us glimpses of her full breasts and her pussy. She removes the thong and pulls down the vest to let her breasts free. She masturbates with fingers, a vibrator, and a dildo. The camera moves closer. We see the dildo go in to the hilt and slide out. Her pussy cream marks the depth plumbed as a tide on the shaft.

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Rachel Clip 1-1 preview


With the advent of the Internet, porn has proliferated. Those involved in producing it often refer to their business as the Porn Industry.  In fact it’s not an industry at all.  At most it’s a cottage industry. Probably they take their cue from outsiders who comment on the subject and refer to it as an Industry because they imagine the hand of Mister Big behind it. ………
………..Anyway, to get back to the matter in hand. The matter  in Rachel’s hand.  After shooting the first set of still pictures, the photographer asks “How would you like to suck my cock?”  Matter-of-factly she says,”OK!”

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Rachel 1-1 preview


When this set was shot, Rachel had been modelling for about a year. She continued for another year or so before giving it up completely. Throughout this time she was very busy, but surprisingly very little of the material she must have shot has ever been published or posted on the Internet.

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Kaitlyn 1-4 preview


You might think that we shoot these galleries in a few minutes and the digital files are posted to this website by some automated process in a few more. You’d be wrong. It’s true that each gallery is likely to have been shot in a period of about 20 or 30 minutes, but preparing them for upload involves days and days of concentrated work. We aim to shoot a few sets in each shoot. And the galleries are numbered by the shoot number and set number. In this case this is the forth set of our shoot with Kaitlyn. We might post the sets in sequence if we were dispassionately logical. But we’re not. We thought looking over the whole shoot that this set was particularly promising so we started posting Kaitlyn’s pictures here.

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Alice 1-3 preview


Alice wore this rather pretty bra and pantie set under a short skirt and top. She was really getting into the swing of posing for the camera. We had fun with her posing and teasing us in and out of her clothes. When she was completely naked we suggested she oiled her skin to make it shine. Photographing her massaging it into her breasts was the next best thing to massaging it in for her. She looked the perfect goddess with the sheen on her perfect body as she took the strongest vibrators in our arsenal and pumped her pussy hard to bring herself to a quick climax.

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Jessica Lo Clip 1-2 preview


Blimey! You are a dirty girl, aren’t you?      “Yes, I am”  Jessica answers between mouthfuls of cock.

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Jessica Lo 1-1 preview


For this set of Jessica Lo we had the use of a penthouse apartment with floor to ceiling glass walls. Jessica is 20 years old and had already begun to make a name for herself in the world of hardcore…

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Alice 1-2 preview


Alice changed into this extremely revealing lingerie set and holdups. She then covered up with her zip-up fleece top while waiting to begin this set. It was a slightly incongruous look. But no matter, we started with her as she…

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Jess Clip 1-3 preview


When we were negotiating the shoot with Jess, she said that she was really interested in getting into hardcore porn, so we agreed beforehand that we would shoot a blowjob. But the way we approached the shoot was to start…

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Jess Clip 1-2 preview


Jess tries out the pink dildo It’s the eye contact and heart stopping smile that makes Jess such a natural exhibitionist.  She was getting really turned on by being filmed and was getting impatient to move on to the next…

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Rebecca is 19. She is reading for a joint degree in medieval Finnish literature and astro-physics at a leading British university.  Like many students she works a part-time job to help fund her studies. Rebecca is not stupid, obviously.  She…

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Tomoko1-1 preview


This was the first set we shot of 19 year old Tomoko. She’s a Belgian student of half Japanese heritage. She got into adult modelling through her interest in BDSM kinkyness. We began the shoot focusing on her sexy white thong. Getting her to stretch it up into her sweet slit. Then she had a brief break before we moved on to the second part of the shoot while the head gaffer tweaked the gaps on the carbon arcs. While she was waiting she settled herself on the couch and read her novel. “The Pet Shop” – probably not about kittens, hamsters and goldfish. We were amazed to watch as she unselfconsciously began to touch herself as she read. So we asked her to keep going as we resumed shooting. She finished the shoot demonstrating her bright red vibrator.

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Jess clip1-1preview


Jess does herself with the red dildo The incomparable Jess plays with her breasts as she slides the buzzing toy in and out of her juicy pussy.  All the time she fixes you with those blue eyes and that smile….

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Alice 1-1preview


This was Alice’s first time posing for a professional photographer.

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Jess 1-1


Would you like a cup of tea? Jess offered before the photo shoot began. As she put on the kettle we began taking casual shots of her. Oh, she said. I’m not dressed yet! I only put on these loose shorts and vest so as not to get strap marks on my skin. We asked her to show us. Soon the tea was forgotten. Then the shorts were off. And she had climbed onto the kitchen counter, spreading her legs and grinning with enthusiasm.

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Arvod is a new website.

It starts from a prejudice that pornography does not exist. Or, at least, that in as much as it does exist, it does so not because of anything inherent in representations of sexuality or expressions of opinion on the subject, but rather because of something imposed from outside. Pornography exists only because of the taboo against it. The taboo comes first. Otherwise representations of sexuality would be as mundane or matter-of-fact as representations of anything else. This might seem to be expressing the obvious. But it is the single most important thing about pornography. The simple fact that defines pornography. And the thing that is invariably absent in any discussion on the subject. The vexed questions of morality and taste surrounding porn are suddenly laid bare and exposed as circuitous nonsense once one considers this elementary fact.
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The Arvod site has two sides. The open public site and the member subscription site. Essentially the two sides mirror each other, but the subscription site allows full access to all the features and content previewed in the public area.

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