Tomoko1-1 preview

Tomoko1-1 preview


This was the first set we shot of 19 year old Tomoko. She's a Belgian student of half Japanese heritage. She got into adult modelling through her interest in BDSM kinkyness. We began the shoot focusing on her sexy white thong. Getting her to stretch it up into her sweet slit. Then she had a brief break before we moved on to the second part of the shoot while the head gaffer tweaked the gaps on the carbon arcs. While she was waiting she settled herself on the couch and read her novel. "The Pet Shop" - probably not about kittens, hamsters and goldfish. We were amazed to watch as she unselfconsciously began to touch herself as she read. So we asked her to keep going as we resumed shooting. She finished the shoot demonstrating her bright red vibrator.

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