Tomoko and the suction cup dong

Tomoko and the suction cup dong


The next update will be Tomoko in an explicit session with a lifelike silcone cock. Tomoko is one of our favourite models. She is always enthusiatic, happy and full of smiles, lovely and fun. At the same time she's organised. If she says she'll arrive at 10am, you can depend on it. She never wears panties unless she's asked. And she gets visibly turned on by showing off for the camera. Gallery 2-2 will go live in the next few days.   Live from 29/05/2016 Some exciting news. We have been negotiating to shoot some hardcore sets with gorgeous giggley English girl-next-door porn model Satine Spark. We're hoping to shoot in early June and post a gallery or video as soon as possible after.Other improvements we've made to the site recently has been to make all galleries and videos available for download as zip files. At present all movies are available as mp4 files which seems to be the most widely supported format. If anyone has any issue with that format and wants another, such as wmv, we'll happily offer a choice.

Whilst working on this latest gallery of Tomoko we noticed that the rubber cock bore the signature, "Doc Johnson". Intrigued, we wondered whether it was a cast of some learned gentleman's member, who shared his name with the great lexicographer. A search on the Internet immediately threw up the remarkable story of Scratching Fanny, the ghost of Cock-Lane .the-mystery-revealed-1762

However, delving further into the 5 thousand billion results delivered in only 0.0032595 sec we found a more plausible account of the rubber cock's origins.  Deep Inside The Biggest Little Dildo Factory In America buzzfeeddocjhnsncrop

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