We welcome offers of submissions of original new material.


We would be interested in offers to submit SETS (50 -200 images) of high quality digital still pictures of a single model, scenario or theme. Digital movie clips of a few minutes duration, and essays or short fiction.

In the first instance please send an e-mail with a brief description of the proposed submission. DO NOT send unsolicited manuscripts or imagery.

Use the contact form.  Please describe what material you have.

i.e. :

  • What kind of submission – Photographs, Video, Writing
  • How many pictures, how many words, how long the video
  • A brief summary of the content

You must also

  1. be the copyright holder of the material
  2. you must have a valid model release for any person depicted
  3. any person depicted must be an adult – over 18 years of age
  4. you must have accompanying photographic evidence of appropriate verifiable biometric i/d for any actor/model depicted. (Usually a high resolution photograph of the model holding passport or drivers licence clearly showing the passport/licence photo and the official identity details.)

If we are interested we will ask you to send a sample of the material. Should we request the submission you will need to provide copies of the documentation. Any published submissions will subject to editing. We will be offering the opportunity to ‘monetise’ member galleries by way of micro payments if we receive sufficient offers of submissions of suitable material.