Samantha 1-2 preview

Samantha 1-2 preview


An angel fish hung almost motionless while little orange numbers zipped about in the backlit waters of an aquarium in the corner of Samantha's room.  It might not have been an angel fish, maybe it was a zebra fish or something else entirely, what do we know about fish?  Atop the fish tank she had a novelty lightbox bearing an inspirational message composed in quirky letters.  We asked Samantha whether we could change the letters around a little.  After a short tussle we came up with, "Start everyday with a bj".  It would have scanned better with a few extra sylables.  A lovely bj, or a sloppy bj, but there was only so much space and so many letters.  Sam laughed, but she already knew the direction this shoot was going in.

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