Olivia 1-1 preview

Olivia 1-1 preview


Olivia wanted to shoot some porn. But at the same time she wasn't too sure how far she was prepared to go on camera. The young women who get into porn do so with a variety of motivations. They are as complicated as anyone else. Often they want to break free of social constraints that deny them sexual autonomy and expression. But at the same time time those constraints are powerful and pervasive. They are expressed in terms of morality. Right and Wrong.  And most young women are rightly cautious about the consequences of such 'transgressive' behaviour, even whilst relishing an excursion on the other side of the tracks.  'Transgressive' is the word they use too. It's the right word. (adjective - involving a violation of accepted or imposed boundaries, esp. those of social acceptability.)  The consequences of violating those boundaries might be serious. Even in the permissive West, despite the ubiquity of porn on the Internet,  we yet live in a prudish and repressed age.  We are still all too often judged and condemned by the hypocritical censorious prigs who appoint themselves as the guardians of our sexual morality.  So, understandably, women who are initially excited by the idea of exposing themselves, and allowing themselves to be watched, can be simultaneously ambivalent about going too far.At first we were unsure how to shoot Olivia. We tried some portraits with her big tits on display. We chatted about stuff. Using a little intuition we wondered whether she might respond to trying some play bondage gear we had in the props cupboard. We suspect that the current vogue for kink, BDSM, is that it mitigates responsibility for transgressing sexual mores.  If you're tied up and helpless, you aren't responsible for posing naked or for what might occur when you are exposed and vulnerable.  She readily agreed to being blindfold. She happily allowed us to buckle the cuffs. But for no clear reason we went no further. We didn't actually tie her to the bed. And we certainly didn't try to take advantage of the situation. We simply took still photographs of her.As we moved about composing frames of her on the bed, we talked.  In a hushed but steady voice.  Almost a whisper.  We suggested a scenario.

Imagine you're held fast by the cuffs around your wrists and ankles.  Just imagine men looking at you on their screens.  Old mem.  Young men.  Looking at your picture.  Imagine them looking at you stretched out here naked.  Imagine them with their cocks in their hands.  They're masturbating.  Stroking their dicks.  Masturbating,as they look at you, and think of you.  They, in their turn, imagine touching you. Holding your heavy breasts.  They're visualising pushing their fat fingers into your wet cunt.  Spreading your pussy lips.  Pushing their big penises between those lips, into your vagina.  Fucking you.  While you're helpless, bound and spread-eagled.  And they wank their erect cocks as they imagine what they would do to you.  Now just imagine these men are here in this room.  Imagine them standing above you as you lie here blindfold and tied down.  Think of them wanking their cocks now.  Pumping their dicks faster.  Their breathing getting heavier.  Then the spunk raining down on you.  Warm spunk.  It's on your belly, it's on your breasts.  Splashes hit your face.  It's on your lips.  Despite yourself, you can't help but taste it.  The saltiness.  The taste.  The strange other of it.  You open your mouth.  A spray of spunk hits your face.  It's on your tongue.  In your mouth.

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