The News page

Arvod decided to introduce a 'news' page.  If you're reading this, you've found it. Obviously.  The idea is to provide a place for news of forthcoming posts, galleries and videos and site features. There was an initial plan to allow comments from signed-in members, but for technical reasons that's being held up for the moment.

What’s new ?

UK Censorship


A while back we carried a post about the Digital Economy Bill in the United Kingdom Parliament.  Since then the Bill has become law, and it is now the Digital Economy Act 2017.  The British Government has appointed the British…

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Website Security


Facebook is a commercial website. Every person who signs up to Facebook is worth $170 to Mark Zuckerburg. That is what your personal data and your acquiescence to be catalogued and targeted for marketing purposes is worth to Mr Zukerburg. Arvod is not a commercial website. We don’t collect or use any visitor’s data. We don’t carry advertising or track you.

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The All New Website


Over the last couple of months the Arvod site has been completely redesigned. After this huge effort the site now looks and functions more or less exactly as it did before. You might reasonably wonder why we bothered. We’ll explain.

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Lola Rae and the Digital Economy Bill 2016


Lola Rae celebrated her 19th birthday a week or two before she did this shoot for Arvod.  For one so young, she’s a decidedly strong-willed and confident young woman.  She knows what she wants and what she doesn’t.  She has…

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Next new galleries and site development


Our header image illustrates some of the galleries in preparation for Arvod.  There’s a really hot set of Alice who lifts her skirt to give lots of stunning close ups of he gorgeous pussy and dildo penetration.  There’s a good…

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Brexitland’s Digital Economy Bill protects teenagers for the Thousand Year Reich


front row from left to right; – Olivia King (Earls Court hooker and dominitrix, former girlfriend of John Whittingdale), Claire Perry (self appointed guardian of public morals known for speeches to the House of Commons where she tells fellow MPs…

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Coming Up


We recently posted that Arvod was updating the content at the rate of one gallery per week on average. And it’s true. Divide the number of galleries by the number of weeks and that’s the answer.  However, it’s also true…

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Pixiee and php and etc


Arvod is being updated with a new gallery each week, on average.  More or less. Sometimes it’s sooner, sometimes later. The site went live in April 2016. Possibly to begin with we were trying to put up new galleries as…

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Forthcoming Galleries


Well we can’t hide our excitement about having recently met the utterly delightful and stunning Satine Spark. As we promised in our news post of 26th May, we had been striving hard to get her to shoot for us. Well it happened this week. Satine shaved her pubic hair before the shoot. As quite a lot of the content out there on the net of Satine has been of her sporting a blond muff, this alone will mark her sets for Arvod as a little different.

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Behind the scenes


Possibly the title of this post will lead you to expect some revelation about salacious goings on during photography sessions. Maybe we’ll post something of the sort sometime. But actually we’re going to show you a little about how we prepare the files for posting on Arvod. We’re working on a set of Candi Blows, which will be the next update.

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Tomoko and the suction cup dong


The next update will be Tomoko in an explicit session with a lifelike silcone cock. Tomoko is one of our favourite models. She is always enthusiatic, happy and full of smiles, lovely and fun. At the same time she’s organised. If she says she’ll arrive at 10am you can depend on it. She never wears panties unless she’s asked. And she gets visibly turned on by showing off for the camera. Gallery 2-2 will go live in the next few days.

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Next gallery is Polly


We’re busy preparing a gallery of Polly for the next update. It’s a lot of work. And it’s thoroughly distracting looking at such provocative images while trying to set the white and black points and colour balance across the gallery to make a coherent series. …
…..Anyway here’s a shot of Polly’s vagina to give a taster of what’s to come.

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Site developments


From today, Arvod has introduced social media buttons below each post. We anticipate you know how these work. If you don’t, you won’t need to know, and we won’t explain them.

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