Lottie 1-1 preview

Lottie 1-1 preview


It has to be said that Lottie has a fabulous figure.  Perhaps you're thinking she has lucky genes?  She simply inherited her physique?  Well perhaps, but she certainly works hard to keep her body in such excellent shape.  Long hours in the gym, working the exercise machines.  She is very organised, focussed, down-to-earth, and successful as a model.  Apart from her commercial engagements, a large part of her work is as an "Art-Nude" model on the 'model and tog portfolio' website circuit.  These 'portfolio' websites are 'social-networking sites' where aspiring models offer their services to amateur digital photographers.  Some of these sites have memberships running into tens or hundreds of thousands of virtual-world photographers — the 'togs'.   The togs are mostly middle-aged gents who have bought a digital camera and taken up digital imaging as a hobby.  The exclusive subject for their Nikon and Canon DSLRs is naked women.  These are the young women who make up the other part of the membership of these websites.   They're mostly in their early twenties, and sell their services by the hour as nude models to various 'levels' for rates that increase according to the explicitness of the poses they offer.  The togs however are very anxious to dispel any suggestion that there is anything prurient in their new interest in image making.  These are artist photographers.  Legends in their own lunchtime.  The level that is most in vogue amongst the togeratti is the 'art-nude' style.  The art-nude style is in essence an attempt to pastiche the non-commercial nude photography produced by legendary real-world fashion photographers of the past.  Helmut Newton, Herb Ritts, David Bailey, Ralph Gibson, Duane Michals.  Although possibly the most immediate influence is some youtube channel demonstrating the use of Speedlite flashguns or abuse of Adobe Photoshop to produce awesomeness.  The awesomeness of the resulting screen images, in the togs' mind, helps excuse or mitigate the nakedness of the subject.  It can't be pornography if it looks like a real photograph.Beyond Photoshop digicams and Speedlites, the art-nude model too plays a significant part in producing these art-nude virtual photographs.  From somewhere they have learnt just how to strike particular stiff poses and hold them as the tog snaps away.  Moving on wordlessly through a reportoire of angular arms struck out, head turned, eyes looking off into the middle distance, jaw slackened, lips parted slightly.

When we asked Lottie to work for us we asked her to pose for 'adult' level sets.  We sent her a shoot specification setting out exactly what the purpose and nature of the modelling was.  But when Lottie started the shoot for Arvod she began by slipping easily into the art-nude mode of posing.  This resulted in a slight culture clash because our photographer is an old hack more used to models adopting cheesy pinup style poses.  This is quite as formulaic as the art-nude style, but different.  All pouts and eye-contact, lifted tops, hands on breasts and legs spread, a parody of female sexual accommodation.  Hack though Arvod's photographer may be, he hasn't lost sight of something that the togs have never discovered: photographing a person ought to be about that person.  Model's striking cliché poses is pointless unless it is a place to depart from and engage with the camera.  There is a lot of talk today about pornography 'objectifying' women.  But actually the male-gaze pornographic image is rarely the mere depiction of disembodied body parts.  The presence and reaction of the subject is key.  No matter how crass the author's intention, the majority of porn images are far less objectifying than any portraits of people in publicity or advertising.  Photographs (or digital images) of persons are facile and empty unless there is a real and visible engagement with the subject.  The photographer stands in the viewer's place to interact with the subject.  For her to come alive.  To not be a mere object.  In this set of pictures of Lottie we were as amused as Lottie appeared to be by her encounter with Arvod.  Lottie's expressions are richer and more eloquent than any words.

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