Kaitlyn 1-4 preview

Kaitlyn 1-4 preview


You might think that we shoot these galleries in a few minutes and the digital files are posted to this website by some automated process in a few more. You'd be wrong.  It's true that each gallery is likely to have been shot in a period of about 20 or 30 minutes, but preparing them for upload involves days and days of concentrated work. We aim to shoot a few sets in each shoot. And the galleries are numbered by the shoot number and set number. In this case this is the forth set of our shoot with Kaitlyn. We might post the sets in sequence if we were dispassionately logical. But we're not. We thought looking over the whole shoot that this set was particularly promising so we started posting Kaitlyn's pictures here.

Kaitlyn is 19 and five months pregnant here. She has quite a mobile face and expressive body language which is sometimes a gift to a photographer and sometimes is too much. Sometimes less is more. Here the mood was calm, quiet and intimate. We thought Kaitlyn's beauty shines out in the steady gaze achieved in some of this set.

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