Jessica Lo 1-1 preview

Jessica Lo 1-1 preview


For this set of Jessica Lo we had the use of a penthouse apartment with floor to ceiling glass walls. Jessica is 20 years old and had already begun to make a name for herself in the world of hardcore porn movies. This was her first shoot following breast enlargement surgery to increase her naturally more than adequate endowment into porn star boobs. And one of her last shoots too, because a couple of months later she gave up modelling to work with rescued dogs. There's a curious correlation between glamorous women and animal rescue. There must be psychology papers on the phenomena. Brigitte Bardot famously turned from sex kitten to mad cat lady, and created a foundation to fight for the rights of our furry friends. Although her sympathies apparently do not extend to randy donkeys. In 1989 she was looking after her neighbour's donkey, Charly, with all her other animals. Charly became amorously interested in Brigitte's mare, which she decided was sexual harassment, so she got her gardener to castrate Charly. Charly's owner sued, but lost. France is a dangerous place to be male. Jessica too had been growing her own furry friend. A hairy muff. She was almost as proud of this as of her stupendous new bosom. She showed them off for our camera and gave us a comprehensive demonstration.

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