Why does it exist as a form of expression set apart from any other?

What purpose is served by the ghettoisation of porn?

Can it be rehabilitated?

We explore these issues and publish original photography, video, and writing.1410016-175171217-123160301-187160301-130150819-308150521-369-1150121-174wm141106-270blc141019-606140707-114200140908-179wm200131022-426131022-216wm200130918-132wm200090819-305130902-138c200090702-095wm200

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Arvod is a new website.

It starts from a prejudice that pornography does not exist. Or, at least, that in as much as it does exist, it does so not because of anything inherent in representations of sexuality or expressions of opinion on the subject, but rather because of something imposed from outside. Pornography exists only because of the taboo against it. The taboo comes first. Otherwise representations of sexuality would be as mundane or matter-of-fact as representations of anything else. This might seem to be expressing the obvious. But it is the single most important thing about pornography. The simple fact that defines pornography. And the thing that is invariably absent in any discussion on the subject. The vexed questions of morality and taste surrounding porn are suddenly laid bare and exposed as circuitous nonsense once one considers this elementary fact.
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