Forthcoming Galleries

Forthcoming Galleries


Well we can't hide our excitement about having recently met the utterly delightful and stunning Satine Spark. As we promised in our news post of 26th May, we had been striving hard to get her to shoot for us. Well it happened this week. Satine shaved her pubic hair before the shoot. As quite a lot of the content out there on the net of Satine has been of her sporting a blond muff, this alone will mark her sets for Arvod as a little different.  We've hardly had time yet to properly look through the raw files but there is at least one, possibly one and a half sets of hot stills. And a fair amount of video, which left the camera man breathless and Satine in need of a shower. We are impatient to publish some of this, but there is considerable work yet to process the files.  So we decided to, not beat about the bush, and use one single large image for the header which got straight to the point of the kind of material in store. The photographer claims he was close to cardiac arrest as he shot this series.  "Gazing into those liquid blue eyes, the dancing catch-lights, and ...Christ... the mouth, those lips, the tongue, the tongue, the tongue...." (We think he's been reading DH Lawrence again! ed)

On which subject, we are hopeful that we might finally receive soon a manuscript of a short piece about DH Lawrence's essays on sex and censorship, including some select passages. Whether stand alone articles are the best way of introducing more thought provoking material, we are not entirely sure yet. However, we think that if we are going to the bother of publishing a website that people are willing to pay to visit, we must publish the kind of material that interests us. To do otherwise lacks integrity. It would be an insult to our members to attempt to palm them off only with what we might gauge would appeal to the average taste of the greatest number.

And after Satine we also have a stills gallery of Olivia (above) being prepared for publication.  Olivia's gallery will go up shortly after Satine's first gallery or video which ought to be ready some time next week. Satine Clip 1-1 went live 20th June Olivia Gallery 1-1 went live 30th June

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