Brexitland’s Digital Economy Bill protects teenagers for the Thousand Year Reich

Brexitland’s Digital Economy Bill protects teenagers for the Thousand Year Reich


front row from left to right; - Olivia King (Earls Court hooker and dominitrix, former girlfriend of John Whittingdale), Claire Perry (self appointed guardian of public morals known for speeches to the House of Commons where she tells fellow MPs to "fuck off" and offers to give the speaker a "blowjob") ), Michael Rock (adviser to British Prime Minister and responsible for implementing the so-called 'Porn Filters', convicted himself of downloading child porn), unknown (obscured), unknown (partially obscured), Charles Napier (brother of John Whittingdale serving 13 years imprisonment for child sexual abuse),  Stephanie Hudson (topless model, former girlfriend of John Whittingdale), John Whittingdale (former Secretary of State for Culture Media and Sport and sponsor of the Digital Economy Bill 2016), unknown, unknown.

Frau Doktor Claire Porno-Perry, announces her amendment to the Digital Economy Bill at a bonfire party in Opern Platz, Westminster. A great fire was lit from a million porn stashes confiscated from under the beds of the Reich's youth who will in future be banned from looking in their own pants unless they can prove they're over 18. Among the throng warming their arses was ex Minister for Enlightenment, Reichsmarschall Sexybum Whippingdale. Disputing paternity of the infant Bill he said, "It's got my bloody name on it". In attendance, on day release from Dachau, were Sexybum's brother, Charley Napier, serving 13 years for abusing young boys. There too was Michael Rock, the great architect of the Reich's Interweb child-protection filters, recently sentenced for downloading indecent images of young girls. Dame Olivia Dominitrix of Earls Court, the ex Minister's exgirlfreund and chief wip, wore a daring black latex costume. While another exgirlfreund, Stephanie Boobietwin 36 24 36, wore even less, the better to show off her twin boobies. Herr Doktor Porno-Perry said, "Zis new law vill protect ze young Madchen and ze Waffen SS Jugend. Ve can be fucking confident zat zey vill grow up to follow ze fucking hochest zexualismus moral standards set by Reichsmarschall Sexybum and alle die fucking exgirlfreundinhookers."

Censorship under the pretext of protecting the young has a long and ignoble history.  In 1933 the Nazi Government of Germany organised bonfires of books they perceived to be "immoral or un-German" in many cities. In Berlin the pyre was chiefly composed of the ransacked archives of the Institut für Sexualwissenschaft and books by authors disapproved of by the Nazis stolen from the library of Humboldt University.  Those who don't learn from History are condemned to repeat it.

If you live in or visit  the United Kingdom and you value your freedom to use the Internet, you should know that the British Government is planning to introduce a new law to make viewing a website like this one illegal in Brexitland.  The Digital Economy Bill 2016, like most modern British legislation, is a ragbag of scarcely related provisions, lumped together to obscure far-reaching measures and hamper informed public debate.  It is Part 3 of the Bill that causes us concern here - Clauses 15-25.  It recently had its Second Reading in the House of Commons.  For 5 hours, ignoring most of the rest of the Bill, MPs from all sides lined up to welcome Part 3 and press for more draconian enforcement.  Ostensibly the purpose of the Bill's sponsor and his supporters is to protect young people.  But then that was why the Nazis burned books.  And we suspect that they may be getting some perverse personal gratification from willing the suppression of free speech about sexual matters.  As DH Lawrence said,  " ...these people are perverts, 
who have fallen into hatred of their fellow men: thwarted, disappointed, unfulfilled people, of whom, alas, our civilisation contains so many.  And 
they nearly always enjoy some unsimple and unnatural form of sex excitement, secretly."The Bill proposes to make it illegal to publish pornography over the Internet viewable in the UK by anyone unless the viewer requests to see it after first producing identity documents to demonstrate that they are over 18 years of age.  This would apply to still images, video images or audio files.  It includes softcore as well as hardcore imagery.  i.e. any image of nudity will be unlawful.  Websites will be allowed only to say in writing what is available to view following a check made on your name, address, and date of birth.  Thereafter you may gain access to what is at present openly viewable.  Of course, if you want to view any material that is restricted to site members you will still need to go through any other process such as payment or joining required by the site owners as now.The British Government intends that this will apply to sites originating outside its jurisdiction as well as domestic sites.  They do not intend to block foreign sites, instead they propose to lean on the payment processors to stop payments to non-complying sites from UK customers.   Incredibly they seem to think that foreign websites will be so concerned that they might lose 5% of their revenue coming from the UK if they do not implement this system, that they will alienate 95% of their traffic from elsewhere to comply with the new UK Porn censorship law.However there are criminal enterprises who see this as a golden opportunity to mine the personal data of everyone in the UK who uses the Internet.  One such is an organisation called Mind Geek, or is it Mind Fuck?   These creeps control most of the so-called 'Tube' websites, including 'Pornhub', 'Redtube' and 'Youporn'.  Funded by shady Wall Street backers, they are in essense a criminal conspiracy to corner the entire World market in commercial porn through copyright abuse and coercion.  And they can barely contain themselves at the thought that not only will they have access to hitherto undreamed of quantities of verified personal data about anyone visiting their websites from the UK, but they are also setting themselves up to be the UK Government approved verifier for any other website with a UK user base.Arvod has a strong following in the UK.  However if this becomes law in Brexitland, we promise that we will never implement Identity Verification for UK users under any circumstance.

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