Privacy, Cookies and Data Protection

We try hard not to collect personal data about visitors to Arvod. (and,and and are hosted on our own cloud based servers hosted in the the Netherlands (Koninkrijk der Nederlanden) within the European Union.  Our servers, like 99.9% of all servers on the Internet, collect logs of connections accessing the site. We also maintain logs of errors, and logs of blocked attempts to access the site.  These logs record the time of the connection, the IP address of the connecting device, the url being visited and details of the connecting device including its operating system and browser type.

We also run an analytics programme exclusively on our own server. This records some of the same information plus an estimation of the location country of a visitor’s IP address and possibly the city. It may show the screen size and manufacturer of the connecting device, and record the referring url where a visitor arrives on the site having clicked on a link. It also records whether a visitor has previously visited the site, and displays graphically the actions of the visitor on the site.

It is possible that from IP address data held on our servers, together with other information known to the ISP (internet service provider) used by the connecting device at a specific time of a visit, and in conjunction with other information as to who operated the connecting device at a specific time, it might be possible to identify an individual. The data we collect therefore constitutes “Personal Data” under European Data Regulation.

Processing is necessary for the purposes of our legitimate interests in running an internet server.  In particular we monitor the data from time to time to ensure the site is working as intended, to review traffic, and ensure that load times are short, that links work, and to take action if the site comes under attack.


If you subscribe to the Members area of the site you will supply personal and financial information to our payment processors, who are “”. In turn we will hold on the site your username and an encrypted ‘hash’ of your password while your subscription is valid. This is necessary for you to log in to the site. When you are logged in the server logs record your actions on the site by your username. This is the totality of information held on our server about our members. If we need to contact you about any aspect of your membership we are able to know your name and e-mail address through our payment processor. In so far as this constitutes “processing” of personal data it is done for the necessary reason of the performance of the contract between us. We do not send marketing e-mails.

Logs are compiled in daily, weekly, or monthly time periods. Thereafter they are archived for 90 days or less, after which they are permanently deleted. Data is held securely on our server to which only we have access. No one, no internet hosting company, no analytics company, no government agency, no third party at all has access to our servers.

Citizens of the European Union and certain other territories connected by treaty may have rights with respect to their own personal data we may have collected about them. These rights might include: the right to ask us for access to the information we hold on you, the right to correct any mistakes in your information, the right to change your preferences on how we contact you and on what topics, and the right to restrict processing of your data or have it erased. Given that the data we collect is anonymous except in conjunction with other data we do not possess, nor have access to, we could only comply with any request upon receipt of unequivocal verifiable evidence that an IP address in question at any particular time relates to a particular person, and that the person making the request is that particular person.


We use Cloudflare, a “reverse proxy, pass-through security service, and a content distribution network”. This is a global network of servers that cache parts of the website code to enable faster load times while simultaneously providing enhanced protection against automated malicious attacks such as DDoS or brute force attacks. As a consequence Cloudflare collects log data relating to our visitors in the same way as our server or your ISP does. Cloudflare is fully compliant with GDPR and privacy legislation. It’s privacy policy with regard to “End Users” is located here.  Any concerns regarding the Arvod website and Cloudflare should in the first place be directed to Arvod.


We can be contacted about any matter to do with data protection here.


We may serve cookies to your browser in connection with running our in house analytics, and to enable members to log in, or to enable the completion of a transaction with our payment processor. We do not track anyone on the Internet anywhere except on the Arvod website itself, and then exclusively for the purpose of monitoring the functionality of the website.