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Coming Up


We recently posted that Arvod was updating the content at the rate of one gallery per week on average. And it's true. Divide the number of galleries by the number of weeks and that's the answer.  However, it's also true that it's two weeks since the last gallery went live and the next is still not quite ready to go up.  It'll be a very hot gallery of Jessica Lo stills.  Shortly after that there is a gallery of porn girl Axa in the works.  And more of Pixiee in the kitchen.  And a small set of LottieJessica Lo 1-2 will go live in the next few days.

All of these galleries have one thing in common.  They are all series of images portraying models in their twenties shot from a male perspective.  Images of young, fertile, pretty girls demonstrating their availability as a focus for male desire has always been the staple of porn photo imaging.  But it's not the only viewpoint.  Tomorrow we are shooting a more mature experienced woman, Tigercub .  She expressed the desire to shoot with a younger man and picked the stud.  We think it would be interesting to see if we can shoot some content with the emphasis on her perspective.  Her desire.  We're not entirely sure how to do it, or whether it is really possible.  Maybe we'll give her a camera and ask her to shoot the pictures.

Update 23 August 2016   Since we wrote the above, two days ago, we have now got the raw shots of Kim/Tigercub.  They look quite promising, so we thought we might post a couple.  We didn't give the camera to her to shoot the set, but we did strive to add a different perspective.  Ultimately however we have come to the conclusion that there is no such thing as female orientated porn.  Porn does not distinguish between men and women.  Rather it divides those who desire from those who are desirable.  The viewer does the desiring, the depicted is, or acts out, that which is desired.  Heterosexual sex inevitably casts the man in the role of the pursuer.  Women may lust equally, but they express it differently by projecting themselves as desirable and available.  Whether such roles are biologically determined or are the result of social conditioning is a larger question.  But in any case, we think that heterosexual female orientated porn exists only as romantic fiction.  If straight women experienced desire in the same way as men it would be expressed as imagery similar to gay porn.



One of the odd things thrown up by the Internet is the phenomenon of "fan-fiction".  Fans take the characters from well known works of popular fiction and develop new plots which they publish on websites devoted to this genre.  The writers and readers of fan-fiction are overwhelmingly female, and curiously one of the biggest sub-genres is known as "slash-fiction".  Heterosexual women writing stories involving characters (such as Captain Kirk and Mr Spock from the "Star Trek" television series) engaged in a homosexual affairs.  We confess to being hugely ignorant about slash-fiction and its attractions to women.  But, could it be that straight women wish to fantasize about, and identify with, straight characters as gay in order to allow them to pursue other men in a way that women normally don't?

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