Alice 1-2 preview

Alice 1-2 preview


Alice changed into this extremely revealing lingerie set and holdups. She then covered up with her zip-up fleece top while waiting to begin this set. It was a slightly incongruous look. But no matter, we started with her as she was. Getting her to take the top off slowly. Then showing off her lingerie until she was naked bar the stockings.

Not only had Alice never been photographed before using a sex toy, she had never used one. Not ever. Though she admitted to masturbating regularly. First she tried the Hitachi vibrator which had her in fits of giggles. She was taken aback by how powerful it is and didn't really give it enough time to discover how effective it could be. So we suggested she tried the red dildo. At first she was a little hesitant, but in a very short time she gingerly turned up the vibrator. Soon she was pumping her pussy vigorously, massaging her clit and clutching her breasts. It's good to watch a girl getting off, and all the time she kept her eyes on the camera. One of the remarkable things about photography is the intimacy of eye contact. It's the next best thing to having been there.

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